How to get Apple ID

Accounts and passwords are always changing, please don't save the account


  • It is strictly forbidden to share publicly accounts out. You can share this link and instruct them on how to get email.
  • The account used for activate all apps on BSOF
  • Don't arbitrarily change the password
  • Password has uppercase characters and special characters
  • Don't sign in to iCloud, we are not responsible when your device gets locked by iCloud.
  • If the account is locked, don't answer security questions on your own.

How to get Apple ID

First, you need to visit https://bsof.me and follow the steps below: (Or you can go directly to https://bsof.me/apple-id/ and skip this step) Next you choose "Get Apple ID" Apple ID used to activate apps downloaded from BSOF, you can see the following instructions to activate the APP: How to activate the application Good luck!

How to activate the application

If apps crash after sign in to the Apple ID, please sign in in Settings > iTunes & App Store, download any app on appstore then redownload the apps on BSOF.

How to activate the application: See here